History of Founder’s Day

In the early 1700s what we now know as the Town of Monroe was part of a larger parcel of land called the Cheesecock Patent, which encompassed present-day Monroe, Chester, Tuxedo and Goshen. In September of 1741, David Smith, of Smithtown, Long Island, purchased a portion of that patent, lot 43. This lot, 276 acres along the Ramapo River, would later become the Village of Monroe.

Mr. Smith built his home at 400 Stage Road, better known as “The Little Yellow House.” He also built a dam on the Ramapo River that created the Mill Pond, so named for the gristmill located there also constructed by David Smith. His contributions laid the foundation for a bustling center for commerce.

On Saturday, September 14, 2018 the Village of Monroe hosted its first ever Founder’s Day Street Fair in downtown Monroe featuring vendors and entertainment for all ages to commemorate this historically significant event. We invite you to join us each year as we celebrate the contributions of David Smith to the Town and Village of Monroe. 

For more information on our fascinating town and village please visit monroehistoryny.org